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Migrations in Rhythm: a Concerto for Beatbox and Rhyme

Commissioned by the Wheeling Symphony under Music Director John Devlin. Migrations in Rhythm features the virtuosic rhythmic explorations and storytelling of Christylez Bacon, progressive hip-hop artist and beatboxer. The work traces the influence of cross-rhythms and clave-type patterns in the styles of Hip-hop, Agbadza, ring shout, Irish traditional music, rumba, New Orleans jazz, funk, and Go-go. Migrations combines elements of Christylez' beatboxing, rap verses, and narration that explores the connections between these musical styles. The work culminates in a freestyle rap verse with words drawn from the audience. 

Review the perusal score, tech rider, and program notes by following the link below. To inquire about performances, purchase of the score, and rental of parts, please email me at

Video and Photo Gallery

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