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She is in the Sea:
monodrama for soprano

Composed for Opera from Scratch workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia 2012. First performance given by Emily Thorner. Subsequent performances by Kelly Motter and Caroline Worra in 2013 and 2014. 

Libretto by Lucas Richmond. Loosely based on the ballad "The Cruel Mother," recorded by Helen Creighton in Nova Scotia.

A young woman falls in love with a man who shortly leaves her to fight in a war. Although he has assured her he will he turn, he does not. She soon discovers that she is pregnant with his child, and gives birth to a daughter in the winter after his departure. Disowned by her family and embittered her fate, she throws her child into the Sackville River. She fears the possibility that her crime will be discovered and punished, but soon realizes that amidst the violence of the war, none will miss a dead child, nor care to seek her mother out for justice.


Instrumentation: soprano and piano

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