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Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Fallen Giant

Commissioned by the American Lyric Theater and written in collaboration with librettist EM Lewis. Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Fallen Giant is a mash-up of a Sherlock Holmes mystery with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ In this opera for family audiences, Sherlock Holmes takes on the case of who "really killed the giant." The music conveys a sense of mystery and adventure as Holmes and Watson explore a world of fairy tales and climb a beanstalk into the magical land of Nor-Wood. Throughout, Holmes grapples with the conflicting duality of logic and magic. The story highlights Holmes' well-known musical expertise and abilities. A magic harp plays ‘musical clues,’ borrowed from operatic examples, allowing the audience to participate in the solution of the mystery. It is my hope that the piece will be an entertaining (and educational!) experience for family audiences, introducing them to opera both new and old. 

Holmes was given its education premiere at Portland State University in November 2023. Opera Modesto staged the world professional premiere in January 2024, followed by a tour of the shortened education version of the opera. American Lyric Theater presented three workshop performances in 2017, 2019, and 2020. 

8 singers (no chorus):

SHERLOCK HOLMES, consulting detective (Tenor)
DR. WATSON, Holmes' friend and sidekick (Lyric Baritone)
JACK BALE, a young boy (Treble or Light Lyric Soprano)
INSPECTOR LESTRADE, a Scotland Yard police detective (Character Baritone)
ANNE BALE, Jack’s grandmother (Mezzo-Soprano)
ZAMIRA, a mysterious woman who sells elixirs and spells in a traveling carnival (Coloratura Soprano)
BLUNDERBORE, the Giant (Bass-Baritone)
MERILEE, the Giantess (Dramatic Soprano) 


The work is available in three versions:

95-minute version (with intermission): 15-piece orchestration

95-minute version (with intermission): 7-piece orchestration

65-minute version for educational performances (no intermission): 7-piece orchestration or piano/vocal/harp

The work is licensed by American Lyric Theater. To view perusal scores and see more information about licensing the opera, please visit this page: 

Video and Photo Gallery

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