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Aeolian Murmurs

Commissioned by Paperwing Ensemble. When I initially conceived Aeolian Murmurs, I considered the Aeolian Harp, which is an ancient instrument that is essentially played by the wind. I was fascinated by the idea that music could come into being without direct human agency. I imagined music that was unplanned, unformed, opaque, and inarticulate, but nevertheless muttering its way into existence with each stutter-step, slowly constructing itself and taking shape. So what I’ve written here is basically a process-driven piece, but with a somewhat haphazard form. The harmonies are largely driven by extended pedal-points on the pitch G#/Ab.

Instrumentation: clarinet in Bb doubles bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano doubles electric piano

(The piano part can be performed on electric piano or acoustic piano without the doubling as well)

Duration: 7'

To inquire about performances, rental of parts, and purchase of the score, please email me at

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